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Hottest News as of Friday, May 16, 2014 1:27 AM
Brand new video HD of me squirting! Yup, you read it right, squirting!
You can browse all the videos here by going to this link.
Booty  Cheer
Hottest Recent Reviews
  1. best squirting dildo show ever...that girl deserves an oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. DinaSky is absolutely incredible. She says she is the best role player and thats not a lie. Whatever roles take your fancy she will be more then happy to do, and do very well. Everything about her is sexy. And if you don't cum there is something wrong.
  3. Absolutely the best on here!! Great dirty talker and C2C, worth every drop!
  4. Dina is great. She is a great dom, and I worship my goddess as often as she permits me.
  5. timed out on daily credit, but enjoyed yet another awesome show from dina - she's very open-minded, super-enthusiastic, has a killer look and seems a very cool chick in "this" world and outside of it - well worth your play dollars!
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